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The Bootstrapper’s Guide to MailChimp

Are you trying to use MailChimp to:

  • Send simply-formatted emails?
  • Send signup incentives from multiple forms?
  • Segment a single list?

It’s not obvious how to do these things with MailChimp.

What if there was a guide that showed you how?

Learn to use MailChimp effectively with the Bootstrapper’s Guide to MailChimp.

A Better MailChimp Signup Experience

You’re all setup with MailChimp. You’ve tested your list by signing yourself up about 4000 times. But jeez, that default signup flow is terrible.

The default form is just too big and too form-y. If you’ve added even more fields, the reader feels like they’re filling out a census survey.

A Developer’s First Landing Page

You’ve been making good progress on your first side product. You know now’s the time to get a landing page up, but you’ve never done one before. A few browser tabs later, and you’re more uncertain. There’s so many solutions. But none of them seem to fit you.