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Sort YouTube Playlist Videos by Name

If you’ve ever wanted to sort your playlist videos by name, then you’ve gotten used to disappointment, since YouTube doesn’t support that!

I recently decided to host all my family videos on YouTube. I love to gather the kids around and watch their funny videos from 5 years ago! Having them on YouTube makes it really easy to stream or beam to the TV.

So, I started the process of uploading everything to YouTube, and creating playlists by year (2016, 2017, etc). All my videos are named like 2016_02_snow_day.

I was getting pretty excited about having all our videos so accessible. But then I realized the videos were not playing in order. I discovered there’s no way to sort by name/title! The closest thing YouTube offers is to order by Date Added.

Unfortunately, when uploading 100s of videos via the upload screen, the “date added” isn’t very predictable (even if you are careful about the order you drop the videos into the upload area). There is a “manual” ordering option, but that’s kinda useless when you’ve got 100s of videos.

To make YouTube work for me, I needed to be able to order by video name.

I didn’t find any existing way to do this, so I created a Chrome extension called Playlist Sorter. You can install the extension into Chrome by clicking here, and then the blue “Add to Chrome” button.

After installing Playlist Sorter, just click the extension icon in the top right, then proceed to login with your YouTube credentials. Any playlists you have will be displayed. You can click on one to see the videos, and sort them in ascending or descending order, by name.